Leo was an enhanced tech broker equipped with rich, advantageous technology equipment

Leo was an enhanced tech broker equipped with rich, advantageous technology equipment

Leo (??) was a wizard scientist and you can yet another official member of the newest chief group, delivered inside Miniforce X 12 months 2.

Records Biography

He had been later on put and recruited because a close ally regarding the state Miniforce agencies who appear to assist him or her inside defeating its foes. On account of Leo’s rich possessions, he was capable hire several individual workers and you can a person secretary movie director, Mia.

Inside the seasons a couple of Miniforce X, area of the Miniforce were told concerning wizard researcher just who and contains advanced technical and accessibility the fresh new fifth Penta X Bot. Once you understand Leo was a large support if he had been so you can sign up her or him, the group set-out towards a quest to track down Leo, which is also thumping towards the him while in the an enemy assault. On the shock, Leo overpowered the new challenger within seconds. The team followed Leo and you will delivered by themselves, requesting him to join them within the battle.

Yet not, Leo rejected brand new demand, saying one heroes challenge by yourself. To the response, Volt confronted your so you’re able to compete with her or him: If for example the Miniforce won, Leo will register its group. Leo acknowledged the difficulty, while the tournament is decided on his residence.

During the competition, Leo’s technologic feel made it impossible to your brand-new Miniforce in order to defeat your having any one of their Heterosexual dating dating service individual vitality, until Volt did trickery with the his sheer cat gut that have a great cat doll and you may were able to defeat Leo. Furious and you may upset, the fresh pet researcher put the newest Miniforce regarding their residence.

Although not, later, the latest Miniforce was indeed in peril while against the newest came back challenger. To the convincing of Mia, Leo turned up and you may assisted new Miniforce of the lending her or him their let and you will the brand new weapons (the new twice x sword guns). Adopting the competition, the stress ranging from Leo additionally the people casual, and you will Leo, finally, provided to help the Miniforce, encouraging they are able to constantly look to him to possess help when they needed him.


Leo is actually an onyx-black pet which have cobalt-blue-eyes and you will muzzle. His legs and arms slowly alter to bluish at the arms and you will legs, that have cobalt underbelly fur. The guy wears an onyx-black hide which have cobalt color stripes so you can cover their face, and additionally a silver tech see as much as his leftover arm.

Whenever turned, it’s highly likely that Leo’s fit and you will weapon structure is an enthusiastic changed version determined off Ray’s design. His armor was dark gray, shaded with blue and you can adorned which have small items of reddish and you will brownish. Their body structure is far more muscled as compared to remainder of the Miniforce team, and additionally the same as Ray. He however wears his watch to the their kept wrist, in the event now incorporated into their sleeve.


Leo is apparently a combination of Volt, Sammy, and Ray’s personalities. He or she is certainly pompous pleased such Volt sometimes are, major eg Sammy, and you can aloof such as for instance Ray. The guy together with is apparently some time narcissistic, on a regular basis offering and you will praising himself in front of others. He relates to themselves once the ‘hero’, and regularly generate appearances which have awkwardly ‘heroic’ poses.

Leo’s incrediblely large IQ also speeds up his already-too-highest self-confidence, and make him become most importantly other representatives. Yet not, even with their swaggy feelings, Leo does have a type and righteous center that shows in critical minutes, and you can cares deeply per team user.

Because the a scientist with assistant executives, Leo is additionally shown to be elite group and you may knows how to manage companies. And if focused on studies, he can become oddly big, and you can reveals a great expert top.


Leo, even if because of the sheer function does not keeps one superhuman stamina, get great things about their worry about-created bracelet to use others’s efficiency, including strategy materials and you will privileges actually beyond the Miniforce agents, while making your shockingly effective (possibly an equivalent to Ray’s race level).

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