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Weekly business meetings are mandatory to discuss any issues that the house may be facing. It is at these meetings that checks are written for bills and residents are made aware of where they stand financially.

What are the rules for the Oxford House in Virginia?

The charter has three simple conditions that the group must meet in order to call itself an Oxford House™: The group must be democratically self- run, The group must be financially self- supporting, and The group must immediately expel any resident who returns to using alcohol or drugs.

Our work with African Americans suggests that the Oxford House model meets cultural needs of this group; but culturally-modified houses might need to develop to meet the needs of Spanish-speaking Latinos due to their lack of representation within Oxford Houses. Our group has recently received a federal grant to explore this new type of culturally modified recovery home. Unfortunately, there have not been any outcome studies comparing TCs with Oxford Houses, although the first author currently has a NIDA funded study that is exploring this issue. There is considerable evidence for the effectiveness of TCs (DeLeon, & Rosenthal, 1989). Substantial reductions in recidivism rates have been found when in-prison Therapeutic Communities (TCs) are combined with community transition programs (Hiller, Knight, & Simpson, 1999; Wexler et al., 1996).

Friends of Recovery Association

These findings indicate that Oxford House residents are not only working on their own recovery, but also working to make positive changes in their communities. Our next large scale completed study received funding from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). This study examined abstinence-specific social support and successful abstention from substance use in a national sample of over 900 Oxford House residents. Results were quite positive; only 18.5% of the participants who left Oxford House during the course of the one-year study reported any substance use (Jason, Davis, Ferrari, & Anderson, 2007). Additionally, over the course of the study, increases were found in the percentage of their social networks who were abstainers or in recovery.

During 2007, the inhabitants of Oxford Houses expended approximately $47,814,156 to pay the operational expenses of the houses. If the Oxford Houses had been traditional, fully staffed halfway houses, the cost to taxpayers would have been $224,388,000 (Oxford House Inc., 2007). In the current cost-conscious environment by local, state, and federal governments, Oxford House represents an important network of recovery homes that promote abstinence for individuals needing ongoing support after an initial episode of substance abuse treatment.

Oxford House

Addicted individuals help themselves by helping each other abstain  from alcohol and drug use one day at a time. This distinction between related and unrelated persons is unconstitutional under Vallorosi and Baker. In Vallorosi, ten students at Glassboro State College were renting a house from one of the student’s parents. The students intended to remain tenants as long as they were enrolled at the college.

For that reason, among others, the dissent’s interpretation cannot be correct. These findings provide a challenge to psychologists working in the addiction field. The missing element for many patients is supportive settings following treatment for substance abuse, and the expansion of these types of settings is an important activity for psychologists. Vaillant (1983) noted that environmental factors may be key contributors to whether or not individuals maintain abstinence, and these factors include the support one receives for abstinence among their support networks. Moos (2006 Moos (2007) pointed to other individual, biological, and socio-environmental factors that predicted abstinence maintenance.

Reasons Community Service Is Essential To Recovery

Providers invest significant time and energy in creating a safe, sustainable discharge plan for their clients, only to recommend a home that is peer run, dirty and potentially has people using in it. We quickly looked into a national Oxford House data set and examined how the number of residents in Oxford House affected residents’ individual outlooks for recovery. We found what is an oxford house that larger house sizes of 8 to 10 residents corresponded with less criminal and aggressive behavior. These results were used in this court case and others to successfully argue against closing Oxford Houses that had six or more non-related residents. Oxford House offers a supportive way of living and opportunities to learn skills in a clean and sober environment.

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There’s an aggregate but I don’t see one main responsible party that I would go to. The third federal case addressing the issue of whether Oxford House residents are protected under the Federal Fair Housing Act involved a situation similar to the case before us. 450 (D.N.J. 1992) (Cherry Hill), Judge Gerry issued a preliminary injunction against the Township of Cherry Hill from interfering with Oxford House’s occupancy of a single-family home at 911 South Kings Highway in Cherry Hill. Using illegal drugs or abusing prescription or over the counter medication or consuming alcohol on or off the premises is strictly prohibited.

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